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December 19th, 2009


I have been seeing Pete on and off for like a year. He likes to feel a connection to a girl so we txt each other a lot etc etc. Anyway..A long time ago He emailed me with a slave and master Domination fantasy. In case your wondering I would be the slave. The email was very detailed with instructions and as always I printed a few copies and hid them in a few places as cheat sheets.

I wore my Pink tube dress with white high heel sandals.

He rang the bell and I buzzed him up when i opened the door. Pete walks in and grabs my face with one hand and started kissing me. As we were making out I raised one of my legs so it was on the side of his hip. he grabbed my thigh and started dry humping me against the wall.

Pete pulled out a leach and collar and then forced me down on my knee’s by grabbing a fist full of my hair. after he got the collar on me he used the leach to pull me head over to his crotch. I could see his cock bulging through his pants and I just wrapped my mouth around the bulge.

Pete said: your gonna do anything I tell you
I said: Yes master

we were still standing by the door. he opened his pants and I grabbed his cock with my hand and started giving him head. As I am giving him head a twist my hand a little bit so the skin around his cock gets tight and I work the head of his cock with my mouth.

We walked in to the bedroom Pete got undressed and got into bed on his laying on his back. He pulled the leach bringing us face to face with my body laying on top of him. We kissed a lot and his cock was pressed up against my pussy. I sat up on top of him and started grinding my pussy against his cock a little. Pete pulls down the top of the tube dress and starts kissing my tits and then spun my body around in to the 69 position. I was really wet, Role Play always gets me going. As we were going down on each other he kept saying things like. your my slave, I can do anything I want to you.

My reply was always: Yes master, I will do anything you want. Really…His whole fantasy was just a lot of pillow talk.

Pete bent me over put on a condom and started fucking me Doggie style (Which I am always a little cautious of doing with new clients) I was on the bed bent over with my ass in the air and he was standing on the floor next to bed. My tube dress was all wrapped up around my waist. He lasted about ten minutes. I felt him pull out and then shoot his load on my ass. I grabbed a baywipe and cleaned him up. We chatted in bed a bit. He has some time left but wasn’t up a second pop. Later that day I got a sweet email thanking me and we have been seeing each other since.

FYI.. you cant wear a bra with this dress, So it has pads in the front. I don’t wanna be accused of false advertising :-)