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My Ex Boyfriends Brother

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August 24th, 2011


Some of you know Last year I broke off a long time relationship with Justin. It had nothing to with escorting or anything else like that. Well over the last year he has turned into a bit of a stalker. I find him standing around outside my building or waiting outside my regular job.. then he walks behind me talking shit. He also txts me every day. The txts always start off. I miss you and I love you but then they always turn very nasty. For the last year I have mostly ignored him (There is nothing else I can really do anyway)

Justin and I were serious for over 3 years. And I and everyone else always thought we would get married. The whole Time i went out with Justin his little brother had a huge crush me. I thought It was very cute but it bothered Justin a little bit.

Last month I was at a party that a close friend threw And half way threw the night I ran into Justin’s little brother Will. He was out celebrating his 18th birthday with his friends. I said hello and give him a friendly peck on the cheek with a hug. Then I went back to hanging with my friends and he went back to his.

I was on the dance floor with my Friend Marie and asked her to get me another glass of wine. when she left I waved at Will to come over. We started dancing but it was awkward. I backed him up against a wall turned around so my back was facing him and grinded my ass against his crotch. He finally put his hand on my hips after a minute of rubbing against him he still had his hands on my hips then I held his hand still and twisted my body just a little so his hand ended up on my ass. as I kept grinding against him I could feel his erection on my ass right through his Jeans. Finally a little while later as we were dancing we made eye contact and he pulled me in real tight and kissed me.

We danced and made out for the rest of the night then he drove me home. When we got in front of my building it was about 3am. we were parked at the fire hydrant making out real heavy in his car right in front of my building. His hands were between my legs rubbing my pussy. He asked if he could come up and I said go find a parking spot. I got out and went upstairs . about ten minutes later he rang and I buzzed him up. When he came in to my apartment we started making out then he knelled down and took off my panties and started going down on me while I was standing at the door.

My head was swimming … I kept thinking this is the most fucked up thing I ever did but… Justin was huge and I wanted to know if it ran in the family.. I was about to find out.

After that Will picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. He dumped me in the bed. I was laying on my back and Will was standing in front of me. He opened his pants and his cock sort of popped out. I sat up and leaned forward. grabbed it with my left and started sucking on it. He was Big.. Very big, just like his brother

After giving him head for ten minutes. I started asking about his little crush on me and He told me for years he was sooo jealous of his brother.

Will got in bed with me, He layed down and pulled me on top of him for a 69 I was having a really good time. we seemed to have good chemistry in bed so far

___ more tomorrow ___

I Love Talking Dirty

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September 13th, 2010

I love talking dirty and I may be good at it too. At least that’s what the phone sex lady says. She says my hold times are incredible and then asked for my secret. I told her that I just tell the truth. I mean I do have a lot of experience with the subject matter.

Hey call me for phone sex. My number is 1-888-755-3888. Be nice to the dispatchers. Some of you have been harassing them and that is not nice. They are super sweet. So stop it, OK?