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Welcome To My Website

January 1st, 2009
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Welcome to my website..(Please Read This Part)

mandy GFE

Born and Raised in Queens, I am a 24 year old brunette bombshell independent New York City Escort, who is eager to please, especially to those generous gentlemen who I call friends.

I also work for an escort service NYXtasy
in NYC because an escort service is easier to work with an the manage all my clients too.

24 years old, – 34B-24-32
5 foot 5 Inches Tall – 122ish lbs
Always 100% GFE, Open Minded

I want you to know my goal is to build up 20 to 30 Gentlemen that see me actively. And then take my website and reviews down. more or less fly UTR

I would much rather get to know my clients and get into LTRS rather then seeing strangers. My Goal is to become your new ATF.

Contact me to set something up

My Best Features are my Face, Ass and Legs. If you are into huge fake breasts I am afraid I am not the right girl for you

I love intense Passionate sweaty encounters. I can be your dirty talking nympho or the sweet girl next door.

I want to spend time with a commanding man that knows what he wants, takes control and turns my body into a tool for his pleasure

Special Requests
I have a huge collection of lingerie – Costumes. I love to dress up for a man I would be happy to wear anything you want. School Girl, Secretary, White Nurse, French maid, and a very sexy Leather Corset. High Heels in almost all colors, knee high and ankle boots, Loads of Nylons and catsuits… Trust me I have it

Passed Out At A Party

October 12th, 2011
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I go to some VERY wild parties and all the ladies know if you get too drunk you are gonna end up on your back, I met this guy he said said his name was Jaskson but it seemed more like a nick name. He was a friend of a friend. We had some nice chemsistry on the dance floor and thats all I was really interested in. we were doing shots of Patron and … well…. You can tell what happened from the picture.

I have never passed out from drinking. I have puked more then a few times but after I throw up I am useally good.

I start to wake up and everything was real burry. I was in a bedroom and Jackson had me on my back with my legs wide open and he was going down on me.

When Jackson noticed I was waking up he rolled me over so I was face down. That dress was up around my waist. Jackson started eating out my ass, which useally turns me on a lot.

The next thing I knew I could feel him slipiing his cock inside me(I was still laying face down)

He was fucking me hard and slow. Everytime he stuck it inside me my whole body moved up on the bed a inch or so.

When a man takes control it really turns me on a lot. and I get really submissive My head was starting to clear and I could feel that I was very wet.

I turned my head a little bit and said use a condom but he said he already had one on.

while he was fucking me Jackson kept whispering in my ear that I am just cock teaser and someone finally had to call me on my bullshit. I was completly helpless and I was really enjoying it. He fucked me for ten minutes and then he stopped ……

he got out of the bed and walked around to the side of the bed put his hand on the back of my head then stuck his cock in my mouth and came in my mouth. It was a lot. looking down at me he just said… now swallow it.. and I did. After I swallowed it I kept sucking his cock saying I will do whatever you want.

He left…

I keep thinking I want Jackson to know where I live so something like this can happen again..

My Ex Boyfriends Brother

August 24th, 2011
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Some of you know Last year I broke off a long time relationship with Justin. It had nothing to with escorting or anything else like that. Well over the last year he has turned into a bit of a stalker. I find him standing around outside my building or waiting outside my regular job.. then he walks behind me talking shit. He also txts me every day. The txts always start off. I miss you and I love you but then they always turn very nasty. For the last year I have mostly ignored him (There is nothing else I can really do anyway)

Justin and I were serious for over 3 years. And I and everyone else always thought we would get married. The whole Time i went out with Justin his little brother had a huge crush me. I thought It was very cute but it bothered Justin a little bit.

Last month I was at a party that a close friend threw And half way threw the night I ran into Justin’s little brother Will. He was out celebrating his 18th birthday with his friends. I said hello and give him a friendly peck on the cheek with a hug. Then I went back to hanging with my friends and he went back to his.

I was on the dance floor with my Friend Marie and asked her to get me another glass of wine. when she left I waved at Will to come over. We started dancing but it was awkward. I backed him up against a wall turned around so my back was facing him and grinded my ass against his crotch. He finally put his hand on my hips after a minute of rubbing against him he still had his hands on my hips then I held his hand still and twisted my body just a little so his hand ended up on my ass. as I kept grinding against him I could feel his erection on my ass right through his Jeans. Finally a little while later as we were dancing we made eye contact and he pulled me in real tight and kissed me.

We danced and made out for the rest of the night then he drove me home. When we got in front of my building it was about 3am. we were parked at the fire hydrant making out real heavy in his car right in front of my building. His hands were between my legs rubbing my pussy. He asked if he could come up and I said go find a parking spot. I got out and went upstairs . about ten minutes later he rang and I buzzed him up. When he came in to my apartment we started making out then he knelled down and took off my panties and started going down on me while I was standing at the door.

My head was swimming … I kept thinking this is the most fucked up thing I ever did but… Justin was huge and I wanted to know if it ran in the family.. I was about to find out.

After that Will picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. He dumped me in the bed. I was laying on my back and Will was standing in front of me. He opened his pants and his cock sort of popped out. I sat up and leaned forward. grabbed it with my left and started sucking on it. He was Big.. Very big, just like his brother

After giving him head for ten minutes. I started asking about his little crush on me and He told me for years he was sooo jealous of his brother.

Will got in bed with me, He layed down and pulled me on top of him for a 69 I was having a really good time. we seemed to have good chemistry in bed so far

___ more tomorrow ___

Sleeping With Sam

February 26th, 2011
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I hate seeing new clients, The day before the appointment I get anxiety attacks and the night before seeing a new Client I cant sleep and the morning of I am a complete wreck. I had seen Sam years ago during my agency days but the appointment went badly. He slipped and hit his knee, It was bad. His knee swelled up and he was in a lot of pain… We tried to… but he had to leave. A week or so later I got fired…

Anyway… A few months ago this guy Sammie messages me on twitter asking if I was the same Mandy and if I remembered him and of course I did. We chatted for a couple of weeks and A cancellation came up for valentines day.

Even though I had givin him head for a few minutes that first time I am so fucked up when it comes to seeing new clients I insisted we meet for coffee before I would set up a date. The coffee date whet really nice and he acted like a perfect gentleman.

I gave him a quick but passionate kiss when we parted and whispered in his ear… I cant wait to see you again. Later that night I txted him and we set up a date at my apartment for Feb 14…

The day came and I wore a blue plaid skirt, A white top and sandals because …… I buzzed him up and left my apartment door cracked so he could just walk in quickly. when the door closed i walked up to him with my arms open, Gave him a big hug and we started making out. As we were kissing his hand went right on my ass. After a couple of minutes we ended up on the couch talking and kissing. I opened his pants and started stroking his cock gently listening to him tell me about another escort he seen a few weeks ago. I pushed my hair back and softly said forget about her and leaned over and started giving him head. Sam got very quiet, I stretched out on the couch so he could get a good look at my legs and ass

As I was giving him head I took his hand and put it on the back of my head. I wrapped my index finger and thumb around his cock and stroked it slightly as my mouth went up and down.

I wanted this to go really good because I had a huge hole in my schedule and one more regular would fill that hole nicely.
(he had already told me he would be interested in an LTR if things went good but guys sometimes men will say anything)

I gave Sam head for about ten minutes and then he said “lets get you out of that outfit” So I stood up and did a little striptease, he took off his clothes and we ended up against the wall making out. his cock was rubbing against my pussy. This is a risky position to be in so I walked him into the bedroom holding hands.

we stood there kissing at the edge of the bed and he layed me down put his head between my legs and went down on me. The nice thing about getting head from older guys is they put an enormous amount of effort into it. the Oral sex turned into sex missionary with a lot of kissing. Sam was a decent kisser but the sex was a little fast. I put my hands on his hips and slowed him down a bit because we had a LOT of time left. We rolled around on the bed and I took of his condom and give him head real slow but deep for a bit.

Sam put on another condom and we started cowgirl… I Prefer to be on top because it gives me a lot of control over everything. I leaned over and let my hair hang in his face a little bit and said I think the way your cock curves makes it push against my Gspot and then I said your wife must love fucking you. I was riding him slow but steady and deep. As I had an orgasm he held me against his chest. when he was ready to cum He asked to give me a facial, So when he was close I got down on my knees and Sam jerked off in my face. I held my mouth wide open with my tounge stretched out but when Sam started to cum I closed it. He watched as I ran my fingers through the cum on my face and just tasted the tip.

After we finished we chatted and He seemed very interested in my new boyfriend and how I ended up with him. Guys get so into it when you let them in on a little personal stuff.

Sorry I Havent written anything in awhile

February 1st, 2011
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I always loved blogging anomalously about my sex life. but last year I started to get a lot of hate mail and it ruined my motivation.

A lot of things are new in my life and I wanna write about them, I just hope somebody reads what I write. For the first time in years I seen a new client yesterday and cant wait to tell every little detail. I should have it finished by Thursday.


I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years and have been trying to push my girlfriend into the business, I signed a lease for a new two bedroom apartment and am very excited, So I got a lot to write about

Alantic City

December 29th, 2010
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Jack asked me to accompany him on a business trip to Atlantic City. Actually it was really an elevator convention. The idea of an elevator convention sounds super boring but I love to travel. Plus when on a trip I am always able to get a little shopping spree out of it, Some Spa Time and of course I am getting paid.

When Ever you go away with a guy it gets very personal.

We stayed at the Taj Mahal, When we first got there we went to dinner with come Clients. I wore a conservative black dress at around 10 Pm Jack and I retired back to the room. I slipped into a little pink teddy and pulled him into bed. We made out for twenty minutes. His hands were all over my ass and at the same time he was fingering me under my panties. I moved down and started giving him head. The lights were dim. I wanted this to be real nice for him, Because .. I love to travel :-) And I wanna be there for future trips

Since it was early I gave I gave him a long slow BBBJ. He was laying on his back and had his hands on my head. I was sort of on my knees between his legs.

As I was giving him head I keep my index finger and thumb wrapped out his cock and I always twist the skin as his cock goes deep in my mouth. using only my index finger allows me to get in deep which He loves. In fact the reason Jack first wanted to see me a long time ago was for deep throating. I am not really great at it but.. I try. After twenty minutes I rolled him over and tried to give him a nice back massage. Again I am not really great at it but I put a lot of effort into it. He wanted head so I curled myself up on the bed and starting sucking his dick again. I looked at the clock it was a little after 11PM. So i grabbed a condom out of my bag and Jack put it on. Jack put me down on my back. He was standing at the edge of the bed and put my feet up by his shoulders. we only had sex for ten minutes before he pulled out and came on my stomach. I had a dark tan and the seamen looked hot on my abs. To be a tease I ran my index finger through his cum and tasted it. I grabbed his hand and pulled him over by me.. I said let me clean you up and started sucking his cock again. then after a minute I got out of the bed and took a shower.

When I got out of the shower Jack was half asleep. I took out my Laptop and went online for awhile. then cuddled up to him before going to sleep.
(I love to cuddle, It feels so safe)

The next Morning we had breakfast on the balcony I was in a white robe.. and over breakfast he asked me about how I Cleaned him up and if CIM was on the menu. I changed the subject.. This way its not a yes but its not a no either. But in my head it was NO

I tried to talk Jack into going to the Spa with me for a massage but he said he had business to take care of and got me a nice package with a Hot Stone Massage.

OK…. the next night we were spending time with this supply thing guy named Al. This guy seems to think he is some sort of .. and keeps pushing drinks on me and Jack. The whole night he was feeding us drinks. Jack is a little fucked up. I had a good buzz but I my defenses were up so I was being careful but at the same time I am going with the flow.

We end up back at the room. Jack is drunk. The two of them are telling me how good I look and al says something like .. Best set of legs I have ever seen on a woman.

The two of them are sitting around discussing how hot I am. Al is still pouring drinks.

a few minutes later Jack is sitting on the couch I am standing in front of him.. Al comes/sneaks up behind me and put his arms around me then started kissing my neck.

I asked Jack outright.. Is this ok with you
Jack didnt answer.. Just sat there looking

I gave him a look..
and he gave me some sort of stupid look back…

Al is still behind me unzipping the back of my dress. Then he rolled the top of my dress down and took off my bra

I asked Jack again.. Are you ok with this
Jack said nothing…

Al was still standing behind me and put a shot glass to my lips. I put my head back and he poured the tequila into my mouth and some ran down on to my tits. Al spins me around and starts kissing and licking the tequila off my tits. I can feel his hands pulling my dress up

I keep looking at jack for some sort of direction. but I get nothing
is he mad, is this guy that important to him, was this planned etc etc

Part 2 next week. And I promise I will be updating more often. So please come back

We Never Said A Word To Each Other

November 25th, 2010
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Last summer There was a party, At a friends summer home in Long Island. My boyfriend and a bunch of close friends went. My Boyfriend is a very jealous man but when ever somebody flirts with me or a guy hits on me, Even if a guy looks at me. He gives me shit about it, Never says a word to the other man but I catch shit for days. Well at the party there was a guy… He was dreamy and had a nice body, Rock hard arms.
(Nice forearms make me weak)
One of my girlfriends nick named him steroids man.

we checked each other out a few times during the night. One time as he walked by his hand slightly touched my hip. A few Times we held eye contact for a few moments. One time I could tell he was talking about me to his friends.

My friends and i were supposed to be a few that were staying over night,

My boyfriend and I slept on a couch upstairs. It was about 7 am when i got up and there were bodies almost everywhere. I went into the bathroom and started taking a shower.

The shower was huge almost the size of a full bedroom it had no doors or curtains just massive amounts of tile. A few minutes in to the shower the steroids man comes in the bathroom. I put my arms over my chest. He just stood there then started taking off his clothes and got in the shower with me. I was very attracted to him and he knew it, Normally I make guys chase me and jump through dozens of hoops just for the chance of..

My Boyfriend of 3 years .. is sleeping in the next room.

When steroids man got in the shower with me our bodies came together like magnets. We were kissing very heavily as his hands reached around and grabbed my ass.

even though the shower was hot and steamy when the back of my body was first pressed against the tiles they seemed so cold. my nipples got rock hard. as we were kissing we kept getting lower and lower until we were on our knees making out. Then he just stood up quickly and put his hand on the back of my head. His cock was right in my face and I grabbed it with my left hand opened my mouth and he gently put a little pressure on the back of my head. his cock slipped into my mouth. As I am sucking his cock i notice this idiot left the bathroom door cracked. but i couldn’t stop… After 5 minutes he picked me up. Put me in the corner, We kissed for a little while his cock was rubbing against my pussy.. I was so wet and a little out of control. each time his cock moved back and fourth on my pussy it got a little deeper and eventually he was completely inside me.. unprotected.. the sex lasted 10 minutes. I came first then he pulled out and shot a load on the shower wall. He got out of the shower toweled off, got dressed and left.

I ran my finger through his cum on the wall and tasted it. A few evil thoughts went through my head.. like licking that cum up then waking my boyfriend up and making out with him but…..

Fucking In Black Lingerie

September 13th, 2010
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Shahram like’s to take pics before we have sex. He is a client from way back at NYJ. The first few times I seen him at the agency I wouldn’t even let him take out the camera but when I went indie I started thinking…. I have so many pics on this site what difference would it really make. and when Alyssa fired me I wanted to make sure I walked away with her good $$ Clients. This is actually one of the pics he took during his appointment.

I always meet Shahram at the Marriott. He normally has two or three outfits for me to try on and I always make sure I bring something just in case. I put on an outfit model it for him, do a slow striptease then change into something else. and go through the whole thing all over again.

(The reason I always liked appointments like this and the reason I like doing Role Play is I would rather spend the time on my feet rather then on my back)

Shahram is sitting on the side of the bed. he has his cock out and is stroking it on and off. I walk over and sit on top of him with my back towards him and start giving him a lap dance. His cock is rubbing against my ass and his hands are all over my tits. I spin around so we are face to face. His cock is sliding back and fourth on my pussy and we are making out real heavy.

He lays back in the bed fixing the pillows and I start stroking his cock for a minute and then I lean over and start giving him a very wet BBBJ. As I am sucking his cock I keep my thumb and my index finger wrapped around it at the base. After 10 minutes my saliva is running down his balls and there is a bit of a wet spot on the sheet from it. Shahram is moaning and telling me how good it feels. I noticed a little precum so I figured he must be close and that I better slow down a bit.

I rolled over on to my back, Shahram got on top of me grinding his cock against my leg. we started kissing again and I pushed his head down between my legs. as he was going down on me I could see him humping the bed.

He got up on his knee’s put on a condom I leaned over and gave him head for a little while to make sure he was really hard (That’s why I only use flavored condoms)

I was still on my back He grabbed my ankles open my legs layed on top of me and slipped his cock inside me. I put one of my arms on his back and the other on the side of his head so we could make out some more.

His legs were pushing against my thigh’s forcing my legs to open wider and wider. the sweat was pouring off him and our bodies got real slick. Sex with Shahram is very passionate. I could see he was getting close so I let myself Cum and as I was laying there shaking it off he pulled his cock out took off the condom, Stroked his cock and came on my stomach.

He layed next to me in bed and gently kissed my lips telling me how special I make him feel.
We were both soaked so we ended up taking a shower together. we made out in the shower a lot and I went down on my knee’s giving him another Blowjob. when he was ready to cum he wanted to give me a facial but he couldn’t really pull it off.

once in a while Shahram will offer to take me shopping after wards. Nothing huge but its a really nice gesture. I always love spending a little time out of the room with my men. It changes the whole thing from something dirty to something that’s not..

OHH… B.T.W. a big Thank you to MikeyNYC for buying me those black boots

I Love Talking Dirty

September 13th, 2010
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I love talking dirty and I may be good at it too. At least that’s what the phone sex lady says. She says my hold times are incredible and then asked for my secret. I told her that I just tell the truth. I mean I do have a lot of experience with the subject matter.

Hey call me for phone sex. My number is 1-888-755-3888. Be nice to the dispatchers. Some of you have been harassing them and that is not nice. They are super sweet. So stop it, OK?

Going Greek With Brian

January 3rd, 2010
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I met Brian on Fuck Book we chatted a lot on and off over a month. For those of you that dont know Fuck book is like a huge sugar daddy dating site. As Far as getting Clients I think its better and safer then TER.

I met Brian for a Quick No pressure cup of coffee. And since he seemed cool We set up a date. Brian insisted on driving me home but I had him pull on to Bank street. we made out a little in his car and I walked from there.

The morning of his appointment I called to confirm and asked what I should wear. He just said surprise me…So I put on my black french maid outfit, A pair of black crotchless fishnets and my Black Ankle Boots.

I think The outfits always make it more of an erotic experience. And Guys seem to really appreciate the effort $$$.

Brian shows up on time and I buzzed him up. After he got in the apartment and got comfortable we started making out on the couch. I opened his pants and his Cock was rock hard I filled my hand with Lube and started giving him a handjob as we made out. He started taking the Maids Outfit off me

I ended up laying down on the couch on my back Totally Nude, Brian opened my legs and went down on me. He was pretty decent at oral and I came in about 15 mins. I think watching my body arch upward as I came really got him going.

Next he sort of climbed on top of me and Pushed his cock into my mouth. My head was against the couch so I had no room to move. Brian just moved his hips back fourth. It was hard and very rough. I was gagging a little but it was manageable. I just reached around and put my hands on his hips to try and slow him down a bit.

After awhile Brian rolls me over face down on to my knees and elbows. He put on a condom and started fucking me Doggie style as he is fucking me He keeps asking for Greek. I kept saying I dont do that…. but he was so persistent and kept throwing numbers at me ($$$) and almost begging (Begging turns me on)

I guess everyone has their price and at 300.00 extra
I lifted my ass in the air and said .. Ok

Its not like I have never had anal Sex before.. I have done it with Boyfriends but until now only Boyfriends.

I felt the cold Lube hit my ass and run down. One of His hands was on my ass cheek and the other hand guided his Dick slowly into my ass hole. His cock felt huge even though he was about average size.

As we were fucking he kept telling me how tight my “virgin ass” was and how great it felt. Anal Sex sort of demands a little dirty talk so I kept saying things like I wanna be your little greek whore. etc etc. I could see the two of us in the closet door mirror and it looked pretty hot!!

In only a few minutes he pulled out of my ass took off the condom and jerked off cumming on my Ass. I got up ran into the bathroom for a towel to clean him up. In the bathroom I kept thinking this guy just spent an extra 300 for less then 5 minutes of Greek Sex..

He was sitting bare assed on my couch. After I cleaned him up I got down on my knees between his legs and gave him a BBBJ Mandy style. After he came the second time he asked if he could shower and while he was in there I put the maids outfit back on and did my makeup.

When he came out of the bathroom we sat on the couch and talked for awhile. It seemed to really turn him on that he was the first guy I ever did that with. I never said he was the first guy.. I said first Client.. but… Since it seemed like a big deal to him I didn’t want to ruin the moment.. I guess he knows the difference now :-)

In case your wondering He repeats all the time and its always ….


December 19th, 2009
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I have been seeing Pete on and off for like a year. He likes to feel a connection to a girl so we txt each other a lot etc etc. Anyway..A long time ago He emailed me with a slave and master Domination fantasy. In case your wondering I would be the slave. The email was very detailed with instructions and as always I printed a few copies and hid them in a few places as cheat sheets.

I wore my Pink tube dress with white high heel sandals.

He rang the bell and I buzzed him up when i opened the door. Pete walks in and grabs my face with one hand and started kissing me. As we were making out I raised one of my legs so it was on the side of his hip. he grabbed my thigh and started dry humping me against the wall.

Pete pulled out a leach and collar and then forced me down on my knee’s by grabbing a fist full of my hair. after he got the collar on me he used the leach to pull me head over to his crotch. I could see his cock bulging through his pants and I just wrapped my mouth around the bulge.

Pete said: your gonna do anything I tell you
I said: Yes master

we were still standing by the door. he opened his pants and I grabbed his cock with my hand and started giving him head. As I am giving him head a twist my hand a little bit so the skin around his cock gets tight and I work the head of his cock with my mouth.

We walked in to the bedroom Pete got undressed and got into bed on his laying on his back. He pulled the leach bringing us face to face with my body laying on top of him. We kissed a lot and his cock was pressed up against my pussy. I sat up on top of him and started grinding my pussy against his cock a little. Pete pulls down the top of the tube dress and starts kissing my tits and then spun my body around in to the 69 position. I was really wet, Role Play always gets me going. As we were going down on each other he kept saying things like. your my slave, I can do anything I want to you.

My reply was always: Yes master, I will do anything you want. Really…His whole fantasy was just a lot of pillow talk.

Pete bent me over put on a condom and started fucking me Doggie style (Which I am always a little cautious of doing with new clients) I was on the bed bent over with my ass in the air and he was standing on the floor next to bed. My tube dress was all wrapped up around my waist. He lasted about ten minutes. I felt him pull out and then shoot his load on my ass. I grabbed a baywipe and cleaned him up. We chatted in bed a bit. He has some time left but wasn’t up a second pop. Later that day I got a sweet email thanking me and we have been seeing each other since.

FYI.. you cant wear a bra with this dress, So it has pads in the front. I don’t wanna be accused of false advertising :-)