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Sorry I Havent written anything in awhile

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February 1st, 2011

I always loved blogging anomalously about my sex life. but last year I started to get a lot of hate mail and it ruined my motivation.

A lot of things are new in my life and I wanna write about them, I just hope somebody reads what I write. For the first time in years I seen a new client yesterday and cant wait to tell every little detail. I should have it finished by Thursday.

I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years and have been trying to push my girlfriend into the business, I signed a lease for a new two bedroom apartment and am very excited, So I got a lot to write about

5 Responses to “Sorry I Havent written anything in awhile”

  1. Luis

    Please start writing again, i cant wait to read from you. I just wrote you an email, big fan! Love you :)

  2. Steve

    Just found you on twitter I go by @1971zeus I have been in hobby for 10 years. Have you ever come to Chicago?

  3. Dave

    Can’t wait…

  4. Mike

    Great to see you are writing again, sorry to hear about the BF and sorry to hear about the hate mail that stopped you from writing. Aways liked reading everything you write. can’t wait to read about your new client.

    talk to you soon.

  5. Os

    I love your posts, they are very hot and personal! I wish we we had met before, you seem like an amazing woman.

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