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January 1st, 2009
Welcome to my website..(Please Read This Part)

mandy GFE Born and Raised in Queens, I am a 24 year old brunette bombshell independent New York City Escort, who is eager to please, especially to those generous gentlemen who I call friends.

24 years old, – 34B-24-32
5 foot 5 Inches Tall – 122ish lbs
Always 100% GFE, Open Minded

I want you to know my goal is to build up 20 to 30 Gentlemen that see me actively. And then take my website and reviews down. more or less fly UTR

I would much rather get to know my clients and get into LTRS rather then seeing strangers. My Goal is to become your new ATF.

My Best Features are my Face, Ass and Legs. If you are into huge fake breasts I am afraid I am not the right girl for you

I love intense Passionate sweaty encounters. I can be your dirty talking nympho or the sweet girl next door.

I want to spend time with a commanding man that knows what he wants, takes control and turns my body into a tool for his pleasure

Special Requests
I have a huge collection of lingerie – Costumes. I love to dress up for a man I would be happy to wear anything you want. School Girl, Secretary, White Nurse, French maid, and a very sexy Leather Corset. High Heels in almost all colors, knee high and ankle boots, Loads of Nylons and catsuits… Trust me I have it

31 Responses to “Welcome To My Website”

  1. Secondshot

    she is da best in the hobby and she knows it

  2. Majorfive

    Luv spending time with you baby. Next time I wanna return the favor

  3. Ponyman

    had a hard time getting her to see me at first but persistence paid off. I am glad i kept trying


    Cum back to Long Island so I can see you again

  5. Hoobit

    The first time When the door opened she was wearing a sexy black dress. my stomach sank from the sight of her. Been seeing her for a few months and never a regret

  6. DevinM

    If you lower your rates you would attract more customers

  7. blubrain

    Wish I could afford to see you more often

  8. bigwig

    I find myself tremendously excited the morning of a session but depressed when my time with her is over

  9. Titan

    Thank you for making my trip to New York one that I will never forget

  10. Mendez62

    I have emailed you two times why don’t you answer. Very unprofessional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tiggy

    Had a great time. Thank you for making such an effort. Loved the secretary outfit

  12. Chris-CM

    you are the most erotic and beautiful woman i have ever seen!!

  13. keyboard warrior

    never seen a woman with a better body, Even on TV

  14. Mandy

    Wow, Thank you but your being a little generous.

  15. ADad

    well spoken, interesting, Polite and generous with her time.

  16. The Devil owns you. Accept Jesus as your savior

  17. Mandy

    Lol. Ok I will think about that

  18. justbob

    she is a down to earth girl that makes every minute spent with her feel like heaven

  19. Lateniteman69

    Been in the hobby for a long time. Mandy is the best at what she does

  20. Seerbattina

    I had a nice time the other night. The time went by to quickly

  21. Attili Sattibabu

    I appreciate you for creating such a terrific site. I have never seen anything that is so erotic

  22. Mandy

    thank you sweetie.. To be honest I am not very techie. My webmaster is a client so he gets to see for a heavy discount and In return he does anything i want

  23. Caine

    I think you are great!!!

  24. Claud Moncrief

    Hello! I noticed your page loads pretty fast so I’m interested to know what hosting provider are you using? Thanks in advance!

  25. Ant1964

    Hi Mandy
    I just wanted to say, Thank you for a wonderful afternoon

  26. David B.Williams

    I cant believe you made me jerk off in my car. I haven’t been able to think about anything else since you made me do it. I still cant believe I did it

  27. Mandy

    Hi Dave
    keep checking back because that’s going to be my next blog story. Sorry to tease you like that :-)

  28. Glenn

    Hey Mandy,
    I have tried emailing you but have not gotten a reply. Are you getting your emails?

  29. Mandy

    Hi Glenn

    I am sorry I was real busy during the holidays

  30. -E

    Hi Mandy. Tried reaching out to you with no response. Was looking forward to meeting you.


  31. cuebrik

    You’re too hot.

    I hope we can connect next time I’m in NYC

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