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Passed Out At A Party

Posted Under: Diary
October 12th, 2011


I go to some VERY wild parties and all the ladies know if you get too drunk you are gonna end up on your back, I met this guy he said said his name was Jaskson but it seemed more like a nick name. He was a friend of a friend. We had some nice chemsistry on the dance floor and thats all I was really interested in. we were doing shots of Patron and … well…. You can tell what happened from the picture.

I have never passed out from drinking. I have puked more then a few times but after I throw up I am useally good.

I start to wake up and everything was real burry. I was in a bedroom and Jackson had me on my back with my legs wide open and he was going down on me.

When Jackson noticed I was waking up he rolled me over so I was face down. That dress was up around my waist. Jackson started eating out my ass, which useally turns me on a lot.

The next thing I knew I could feel him slipiing his cock inside me(I was still laying face down)

He was fucking me hard and slow. Everytime he stuck it inside me my whole body moved up on the bed a inch or so.

When a man takes control it really turns me on a lot. and I get really submissive My head was starting to clear and I could feel that I was very wet.

I turned my head a little bit and said use a condom but he said he already had one on.

while he was fucking me Jackson kept whispering in my ear that I am just cock teaser and someone finally had to call me on my bullshit. I was completly helpless and I was really enjoying it. He fucked me for ten minutes and then he stopped ……

he got out of the bed and walked around to the side of the bed put his hand on the back of my head then stuck his cock in my mouth and came in my mouth. It was a lot. looking down at me he just said… now swallow it.. and I did. After I swallowed it I kept sucking his cock saying I will do whatever you want.

He left…

I keep thinking I want Jackson to know where I live so something like this can happen again..